Angerland (angerland) wrote,

Odd call

I was called to today by a man from Primerica Financial Services, apparently affiliated with Citi. He called because he found my resume on-line and was interested in my experience as a leader in the Military. He went on to tell me that the company is looking to expand her in the area and looking to open up 60 more offices, etc... When I asked what they did he said they provide financial services to consumers from "the side of the consumers" rather than the larger institutions and what not. It didn't matter to him that I know nothing of finance things as he stated the company would train us and that they find they get a "better quality" of people when they go outside mainstream financial areas. He wants to meet with me at the office in Maplewood and talk more about it on Monday night.

It seems very odd to me that a company that deal with money/finances would recruit like this.

What do you all think? Esp Mistress Hypoxia.

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